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Homeopathic treatment for PCOD

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PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is not a gynecological disorder rather it is an endocrine or hormonal disorder with implications on the female reproductive system. Increased numbers of women are now been diagnosed with the PCOD and the major factor is a change in the lifestyle, consumption of processed and junk foods and no regular exercise. Increased stress and over-weight are also considered as the major reason for the increased case of PCOD.

According to the experts, having or not having cysts in the ovary is not a necessary indicator of PCOS and hence, even the ultrasound cannot point to or rule out PCOD. Basically one can characterize PCOS with irregular periods or high level of androgen. The symptoms of high androgen include increased hair loss, acne, oily face and more. PCOS is generally tied with insulin resistance and has a strong genetic component. The PCOS and medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, higher risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure or hypertension, high cholesterol, high lipids, sleep apnea, the risk of endometrial cancer, infertility are interrelated.

The conventional medical experts state that there is no cure for PCOS and they can only be cured. Hence, many women face a problem getting a proper diagnosis. However, the homeopathic experts claim to treat the PCOD and prevent it from reoccurring as well. Hence, if you are diagnosed with PCOD, you must connect with Homeopathy doctor for PCOD.

Homeopathy is a branch of medicines which studies the symptoms and accordingly provides the treatment with the help of natural remedies which are free from toxins and doesn’t induce any side-effect. The homeopathic experts state that the root cause of PCOD lies in the hormonal disturbance and hence they provide treatment to correct the hormonal disturbance and bring out the harmony. The homeopathic experts don’t believe in the surgical procedure and thus provide the best treatment with the naturally extracted remedies.

Homeopathy is considered as the best alternative for treating PCOS as it believes that the human body has been designed and enabled by nature to keep itself free from disease. They help restore the hormonal balance and thus helping on to get back to the normal routine. The experts provide a very minute dose of medicine and they might be in the form of sweet granules, concentrated liquid or powder.

There are higher chances that every teen or women suffering from PCOD could be provided with a different prescription as the homeopathic expert’s drafts the prescription after considering the symptoms and its effect on the individual. Since there are different sets of symptoms found in different women; hence the expert might provide completely different treatment to two different individuals dealing with the same medical condition.

All in all, homeopathic could help treat the most complex medical condition like PCOS from the root. They are the safest mode of medication and are highly recommended for the newborn, pregnant lady and individual suffering with severe issues. Now, one can easily get access to the homeopathic advice and remedies with the help of online homeopathy consultancy portal.

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